Modern BJJ: Berimbolos, Crab Rides & Rolling Backtakes 4 DVD Set with Matt Kwan & Stephan Kesting

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After extensive research and field testing the Modern Jiu-Jitsu instructional with Matt Kwan and Stephan Kesting is finally out!

This ultimate guide to to the cutting edge techniques that have transformed Brazilian Jiu-jitsu by these two well-known BJJ black belts instructors is available in online streaming, DVD, and app format.

Modern Jiu-Jitsu is formatted to give you a step by step breakdown of every technique, tactic and combination, as well as give you a powerful analytical framework to get you good at these moves as fast as possible.

Jiu-Jitsu Continues to Evolve!

BJJ is not a static art. Competitors are always looking for ways to get an edge over their opponents, both in sparring and in competition.

This means that new BJJ techniques, positions and strategies are being developed all the time.

In the last 10 years a whole new aspect of jiu-jitsu has developed around positions like the berimbolo, the crab ride and the rolling backtake.

The Emphasis is on Taking the Back

The best position in jiu-jitsu is to be on your opponent’s back in rear mount.

Once there you control the fight.  You’re completely safe and can finish him at will with chokes and armlocks.

(It’s for this reason that taking the back is rewarded so highly in the BJJ point system.)

Contrary to common belief there are now MORE submissions in high level competition than there were 10, 20 or 30 years ago. And more people getting to the back is a big part of the reason why.

Taking the Back is Changing.

Taking the back has been around since the beginning of jiu-jitsu, but ways of getting there are now much more sophisticated, powerful, and effective.

New strategies and transitions have been developed. New entries have been created and setups have changed. And technical details have been added so that you can now apply the techniques with much less strength.

You see these new techniques in every high level competition, in both gi and no gi, all over the world. And knowledge of them is often the difference between success and failure!

In a sport changing as fast as BJJ you want to be on the cutting edge. If you don’t evolve with the art then you’ll be left in the dust.


Modern Jiu-Jitsu with Matt Kwan and Stephan Kesting is a 4 volume instructional, logically laid out so that you can find and learn the material you need to improve your game on the mats quickly.

Each volume contains a wealth of clearly taught techniques, strategies, and drills, put into context so that you know what you have to do next when you’re using them on the mat.

Volume 1: Concepts, Grips & Solo Drills

Intro to Berimbolo & Crab Ride

It’s been shown over and over that if people understand what they’re learning then they’ll learn it much faster!  That’s why we start off Volume 1 with an introduction to the concepts and principles we’ll be using again and again, as well as the big picture objectives of the modern inverted style of jiu-jitsu.

  • Intro to Posture, Structure and Base
  • Introduction to Berimbolo
  • Introduction to Crab Ride
  • Objectives of this Instructional

Berimbolo & Crab Ride Grips

Before you can apply any technique you need a certain amount of control over your opponent.  In this section you’ll learn the best ways to get and keep your grips so that you can control your opponent no matter how he tries to escape.

  • High Percentage Berimbolo Grips
  • High Percentage Crab Ride Grips

Solo Inversion & Rolling Drills

Next you’ll learn how to stay safe when you’re upside down. You’ll also get 7 essential solo drills you can do on your own that make learning the techniques of Modern Jiu-Jitsu much easier and faster!

  • Understanding the Inversion
  • Backwards Shoulder Roll
  • Pancake Roll
  • Compass Roll
  • Half and Full Tornado Rolls
  • Movement Drill Flow
  • Tornado Inversion on the Wall
  • Inverted Shoulder Roll on the Wall

Volume 2: Berimbolo Entries, Controls & Finishes

Berimbolo Entries

The berimbolo is one of the most powerful ways to take the back in all of jiu-jitsu.  Instead of struggling to sweep your opponent and then fighting like crazy to pass his guard you simply use the berimbolo to ‘teleport’ from the guard directly onto his back. In this section you’ll learn the most powerful ways nail the berimbolo against a fully resisting opponent.

  • Double Seated Guard Entry
  • Berimbolo with Leg Across Chest
  • DLR Spinning Entry with Collar
  • Classic Belt Grip Elevation
  • Classic Belt Grip Elevation to Corolla vs Active Posting
  • Entry vs Combat Base
  • Shin Behind the Knee Entry
  • Worm Bolo
  • Berimbolo in No Gi

Berimbolo Finishes

Once you’ve entered into the berimbolo an intelligent opponent will still try to defend himself.  Here you’ll learn how to finish the berimbolo no matter what he does to resist your attack to keep you on the offensive!

  • The Basic Berimbolo Backtake
  • Shin Behind Knee Backtake
  • Leg Weave Control Backtake
  • Twister Hook Backtake
  • Wedge Hook Backtake
  • Transition to Crab Ride

Volume 3: Crab Rides, Controlling the Back & Partner Drills

Crab Ride Controls

The crab ride is one of the most important new positions in the modern BJJ game.  These crab ride control positions allow you to get behind and stay behind your opponent for as long as you want so that he’s always in danger of having you take his back.

  • What is the Crab Ride?
  • The X Control
  • The Scissor Wedge
  • The Twister Hook
  • The Wedge Hook and Joystick

Crab Ride Entries

In this section you’ll learn how to enter into the crab ride from the top, the bottom, and even in leglock battles so that your opponent will never be safe again. All entries are taught in a step-by-step manner so that they’re easy to learn and implement!

  • Rolling Entry from the Leg Drag
  • Berimbolo Entry to the Crab Ride
  • Entry from X Guard
  • Kiss of the Dragon Entry from RDLR
  • Entry from Deep Half Guard
  • Entry vs Inverted Opponent
  • Entry from 50/50
  • Crab Ride in No Gi
  • Entry vs Outside Ashi
  • Entry vs 411 Position

Back Position & Attacks

Too many people get to the back only to lose the position immediately.  In this section you’ll learn cutting edge control details to keep you on his back for as long as you want, along with the highest percentage submissions so that you can submit even much bigger and stronger opponents.

  • Back Attack Concepts
  • Back Position Maintenance and Retention
  • Most Common Finishes from the Back
  • Lapel Chokes in Transition
  • Head and Arm Choke in Transition
  • Reverse Ezekiel Choke in Transition
  • Fine Tuning the Rear Naked Choke

Partner Drills

If you have good drills for your techniques then getting the repetitions to make your moves smooth and instinctive is no problem at all.  In this section Matt Kwan shares his favorite berimbolo and crab ride partner drills that make training fun.

  • How to Drill Crab Ride & Berimbolo
  • Crab Ride to Leg Drag
  • Crab Ride to Scissor Wedge
  • Crab Ride to Twister Hook
  • Crab Ride Flow Drill
  • DLR Distance Management Drill
  • DLR Sit Up and Elevation Drill
  • Dominant Angle Drill
  • DLR Shotgun Inversion Drill
  • Truck Reversal Drill

Volume 4: Transitions, Defenses & Rolling Backtakes

Berimbolo & Crab Ride Finishes

In this section you’ll learn advanced finishes to both the berimbolo and crab ride, including powerful transitions between the two positions.  You’ll also learn how to finish your opponent with surprising submissions in mid-move, before you even solidify the back position.

  • Finishing the Berimbolo vs a Strongly Basing Opponent
  • Rallying from the Crab Ride
  • Crab Ride to Leg Drag Transition
  • Berimbolo to Side Control Transition
  • Berimbolo to Mount or Folding Pass Transition
  • Berimbolo Counter to Ashi Garami Leglock Position
  • Elbow Lever Defense & Counter
  • Inverted Heel Hook from the Crab Ride (No Gi)
  • Calf Slicer
  • Crotch Ripper
  • The Twister

Counters & Defenses

In this section you’ll learn how to defend and counter an opponent who tries to use these modern positions on you. This will keep you a step ahead of your competition in this rapidly evolving area of BJJ.

  • Reversing the Berimbolo
  • Countering the Berimbolo with a Crab Ride
  • Defending the Crab Ride
  • Ignoring Leglock Berimbolo Counters
  • Elbow Lever Defense
  • Leg Interception to Inverted Leg Drag
  • Leg Interception to Crab Ride

Rolling Backtakes

Next you’ll learn Matt’s rolling backtake system, allowing you hunt the back even from positions where most opponent’s would feel safe!

  • Rolling Backtake from 3/4 Mount
  • Rolling Backtake from Side Control
  • Rolling Backtake from Turtle
  • The Mendes Roll
  • Double Leg Rolling Backtake
  • Truck from the Stack Pass
  • Back Step to Scissor Wedge Backtake vs 411

Positional Sparring

Here you get a detailed positional sparring progressions. This makes adding all these new positions and techniques to your game easy.

  • Positional Sparring Explanation and Examples
  • Modern Jiu-Jitsu Conclusion