My Way: 40 Years of Bujinkan in Europe Book by Bo Munthe

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This book might be of interest not only to "older" Bujinkan members. In his book " way! - 40 years Bujinkan in Europe" Bo F. Munthe, the European Bujinkan pioneer, describes his journey in the search of Ninjutsu. Not only does he tell us about his memorable meetings in the 70s with many former masters who he met on the occasion of his numerous journeys throughout the world, but also about his personal meetings with Ishizuka Sensei, Hatsumi Masaaki and many other Shihans who were active in Bujinkan at the time, a great number of whom are still training around the globe. When reading this book, many of us who were loyal to these martial arts for decades are sure to be able to remember the "good old times". The younger ones will find this book just as interesting as it not only describes the development of the Bujinkan in the West in a very nice way, but also Bo's personal experience in the Ninja film industry.

Language: English

# of pages: 232