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On this episode of This Week in BJJ I go over: Caulicure: The only way to bring your ears back to their natural beauty! Five Grappling's latest announcements regarding their Super League Event! A breakdown of the Roger Gracie vs Comprido Superfight at the 2015 American Nationals. Then we go to an interview with Justin Dee aka Juggs who has the honor of being the 2nd person to have been awarded a black belt by the Mendes Bros. He runs a school called "Full Metal Jiu-jitsu" out of the Gold Coast of Australia: After the interview, Juggs shows a couple...

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Yuki Nakai is a guy that I've admired for a long time. Not only is he a Kosen Judo and BJJ black belt, he's a fearless warrior who went against Rickson Gracie despite being blinded in one eye from a prior fight that evening. Nakai has gone on to start his own association called "Paraestra" and now has over 40 schools in Japan and Korea. Among his many talented students is standout Shinya Aoki. On my recent trip to Japan I had a chance to sit down and talk to him for a few minutes. Here are some of our...

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3 Announcements this week for the Five Grappling Super League. In the mens division we welcome Murilo Santana. Murilo joins Hector Lombard, James Puopulo, Yuri Simoes and Joao Assis. That leaves 2 more athletes to be announced in the next few days!  In the women's gi division, we welcome Luisa Monteiro    In addition to the two tournaments, there will be two superfigthts. The first superfight will feature Keenan Cornelius vs Otavio Sousa. A 2nd superfight has been announced the but the featured athletes are being kept a secret at the moment?  So far we know two things; It will...

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 Five Grappling Super League - Live on PPV Aug 2nd   The 5 Grappling Super League is coming! We'll be broadcasting live from Studio 540 on August 2nd. The line up so far includes Joao Assis, Nyjah Easton, Tammi Musmeci, James Puopulo, Bruno Bastos, Yuri Simoes and Fabiana Borges with more announcements coming daily! Follow Five grappling on FB at http://www.facebook.com/fivegrappling. We'll also be sharing all the latest updates across all of our social media feeds as well. TWIBJJ Episode 78 - Julo Cesar of GF Team In spite of being on the other side of the world and being...

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