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The Contenders Best Selection DVD Featuring Caol Uno

SKU# BV-658

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Quick Overview

Includes the best clips of the "Contenders" MMA matches held in Japan since 1999.

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  • The Contenders Best Selection DVD Featuring Caol Uno
  • The Contenders Best Selection DVD Featuring Caol Uno
  • The Contenders Best Selection DVD Featuring Caol Uno
  • The Contenders Best Selection DVD Featuring Caol Uno
  • The Contenders Best Selection DVD Featuring Caol Uno

This DVD contains 40 of the best matches from the histor of The Contenders. Contains Caol Uno's fights from X-rage, The Contenders, and Demolition. Also includes rare pictures of Caol Uno.

Events Inlcude:

The Contenders 1 1.31.1999 Kitazawa Town Hall

Takeyasu Hirono vs. Masaru Gokita

Daiki Takase vs. Nobuhino Tsurmaki

Caol Uno vs. Yasuhi Miyake


The Contenders 2 10.17.1999 Tokyo FM Hall

Masato Shiozawa vs. Yoshino Ota

Caol Uno vs. Osami Urushitani

Yasushi Miyake vs. Takanori Gomi


The Contenders 3 1.7.2000 Zepp Tokyo

Hideki Kadowaki vs. Takumi Yano

Koji Oishi vs. Tetsuharu Naruhama

Toshiyuki Oyama vs. Masutatsu Yano

Caol Uno vs. Genki Sudo


The Contenders 4 Prospective 11.25.2000 Differ Ariake

Katsuya Toita vs. Koichi Kuwahara

Masato Saiozawa & Hideki Kadowaki vs. Takeru Ueno vs. Tetsuharu Mura-yama (Tag team match)

Caol Uno vs. Yasushi Mikyake

Caol Uno vs. Genki Sudo


The Contenders 5 Prospective M-1 6.10.2001 Zepp Tokyo

Norifumi "kid" Yamamoto vs. Koji komuro

Hiroyuki Abe vs. Jiro Wakabayashi

Baret Yoshida vs. Katsuya Toita

Caol Uno & Daiju Takase vs. Minoru Suzuki & Takafumi Ito (Tag team match)


The Contenders 6 MM21 Limited Edition 10.08.2001

Takanori Hiruma  vs. Takayasu Hirano

Ryan Bow vs. Takeyasu Hirono

Toida vs. Jiro Wakabayashi

Caol Uno vs. Takenori Gomi


X-Rage 1.2

Kadowaki vs. Tokoro

Takase & Suzuki vs. Kikuta & Yamasaki (Tag team match)

Urushitani & Uno vs. Suzuki & Kosaka (Tag team match)

Uno vs. Gomi


The Contenders 7

Imanori vs. Tokoro

Kojima vs. Kitaoka

Komuro vs. Yanotaku

Kotani vs. Kodawaki

Yamamiya vs. Yanobai

Kuwabara vs. Toita

Sato & Sasaki vs. Uno & Mitsuoka

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Additional Information
SKU BV-658
Release Date Jan 1, 2002
Other Info N/A
Languages Japanese
Length 224 min.

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