Qigong Massage DVD with Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming 1


Qigong Massage DVD with Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming 1

Qigong Massage DVD with Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming


$ 39.95 
Qigong Massage is built upon five thousand years of study and a highly refined, solid theoretical foundation (one of the oldest methods of healing). Used to improve health, slow down aging, and treat many types of illnesses, Qigong massage is a wide and deep healing science, and the root of many other popular forms of massage therapy.
This DVD is an excellent introduction to the art of massage and to the acupressure points and channels in the human body. It presents the fundamental techniques and theories of Qigong massage that therapists can use to enhance their skills, and deepen their knowledge and application of Qi (energetic) healing.

Not only for therapists! Novices will find the instruction practical and useful for recovering from fatigue, aches, and pains, tension, and more. A special section on Self-Massage is presented to help those who wish to enhance massage treatment benefits, or who lack a partner or therapist.

This DVD contains 70 minutes of Self-Massage instruction, and 120 minutes of basic Two-Person whole body massage techniques. Additional DVD-only content offers a complete introduction to the concepts of Qi and Qigong, and provides a glossary of Chinese Qigong terminology.

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