Okinawan Kobudo 3 DVD Set by Nick Adler 1


Okinawan Kobudo 3 DVD Set by Nick Adler 1

Okinawan Kobudo 3 DVD Set by Nick Adler

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$ 69.95 
This is a complete presentation of the principles and concepts of the best elements and techniques of the Okinawan methods of Kobudo, demonstrated by one of the most sought-after masters of our time, Sensei Nick Adler. This DVD series explores the techniques and science of the traditional weapons: Sai, Tonfa and Bo. There is a detailed breakdown of the offensive and defensive skills used in the art and the tactical elements of control, positioning, etc.... The unique principles and techniques of Okinawan Kobudo as taught by Sensei Adler are fully described in these authoritative DVDs. This series has a great deal to offer to all Karate and Kobudo students, from beginner to black belt level, as well as being a unique and enjoyable way to learn about the tradition of Okinawa. It is a true gem by one of the best Kobudo masters of our time.

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