cover of Magui Baguazhang DVD by Li BaoHua 1


cover of Magui Baguazhang DVD by Li BaoHua 1

Magui Baguazhang Vol 1 DVD by Li BaoHua


$55.95 USD 

This DVD is an introduction of Magui Baguazhang showing characteristic, history, lineage, basic theory, circle walking and single changing palm. Circle walking is the foundation of training Magui Baguazhan and single changing palm is the basic of all movements. These two are the secrets as well.

・Characteristic of Magui Baguazhang
・Baguazhang History
 Lineage of Magui Baguazhang 
・Basic Theory
  Tendon, Bone and Muscle / Essence, Qi and Spirit/Training of Tendons
・Circle Walking
  Body Structure of Circle Walking/Step Movements of Circle Walking/Hand Movements of Circle 
Walking/Eye Concentration of Circle Walking/Empty Chest and Turtle Back/Flat Step Movements
・Single Changing Palm
  Hand Movements of Single Changing Palm/Body Structure of Single Changing Palm/Step Movements of 
Single Changing Palm/Eye Concentration of Single Changing Palm/Coordination/Points of Single 
Changing Palm

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 100 min.

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