cover of Magui Baguazhang DVD by Li BaoHua 1


cover of Magui Baguazhang DVD by Li BaoHua 1

Magui Baguazhang Vol 1 DVD by Li BaoHua


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・Characteristic of Magui Baguazhang
・Baguazhang History
 Lineage of Magui Baguazhang 
・Basic Theory
  Tendon, Bone and Muscle / Essence, Qi and Spirit/Training of Tendons
・Circle Walking
  Body Structure of Circle Walking/Step Movements of Circle Walking/Hand Movements of Circle 
Walking/Eye Concentration of Circle Walking/Empty Chest and Turtle Back/Flat Step Movements
・Single Changing Palm
  Hand Movements of Single Changing Palm/Body Structure of Single Changing Palm/Step Movements of 
Single Changing Palm/Eye Concentration of Single Changing Palm/Coordination/Points of Single 
Changing Palm

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