cover Magui Baguazhang 2 by Li BaoHua 1


cover Magui Baguazhang 2 by Li BaoHua 1

Magui Baguazhang Vol 2 DVD by Li BaoHua


$55.95 USD 

Second step of learning Magui Baguazhang.This DVD features single changing palm application and double changing palm. He also shows eight different ways of walking the circle, eight mother palms of the dragon, step movements and fighting applications.

・Eight Different Ways of Walking the Circle
・Eight Mother Palms of the Dragon
・Step Movements
・Fighting Applications of Single Changing Palm
・Single Changing Palm Application
  Clean the eyelids/Flower Hidden the Leaf/Wild horse hitting its manner/Grapping the wolf to 
die/Shoulder striking/Hit the Face/Spear/Palm Strike
・Double Changing Palm
  The Outline/The Presentation/The Details/Hand Movements/Body Structure/Step Movements/Eye 
・Double Changing Palm Applications
  Vertical Movements/Big Kou Bai Step
・Double Changing Palm Essential - Power Issue
・Double Changing Palm
  Mother Palm and Variation/Applications of Palm Variation/Presentation of Mother Palm and 

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 90 min.

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