Leglocks vs Guard DVD with Brandon Quick 1


Leglocks vs Guard DVD with Brandon Quick 1

Leglocks vs Guard DVD with Brandon Quick


$39.95 USD 
In this DVD, the subject is attacking the guard with leg locks but there is much more information on escapes, counters, and bonus techniques from bottom half guard! Ankle locks, heel hooks, toe holds, kneebars, leg laces, and calf slicers included along with reaping and non-reaping techniques anyone can use!
Distance and leg clinch theory
Warm ups:
Leg drag vs torreandos
Spider bait vs knee on belly
Leg lace drill
Back step vs sitting guard
Half guard back step
Alternating calf slicing vs turtle

Leg lace
Knee bar vs de la riva
Hand vs foot fighting
Far side foot lock
Knee bar variation
Reverse heel hook to 50/50 heel hook
Calf slicer vs knee bar defense
Ankle lock early defense drill
Ankle lock
Vice grip toe hold vs ankle lock
Counter movement vs ankle lock
Ankle lock switch drill
Tying the knot
Calf slicer vs turtle
Half guard drag to calf slice

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