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cover of hojojutsu introduction vol.1 1


cover of hojojutsu introduction vol.1 1

HOJOJUTSU The Art of Tying Your Enemy DVD 1 by Allen Woodman

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The traditional Japanese martial art of restraining a person using cord or rope is called, Hojojutsu. Encompassing many different materials, techniques and methods from many different schools, Hojojutsu is quintessentially a Japanese art that is a unique product of Japanese history and culture. It is rarely practiced outside of Japan and is an ancient strand of martial art with a rich and complex history. As a martial arts practice, Hojojutsu is seldom if ever taught on its own but as part of a curriculum under the aegis of the body of study encompassed by a larger school of bugei or budo, often as an advanced study in jujutsu. Hojojutsu techniques and methods are seldom demonstrated outside of Japan. Shihan Allen Woodman offers this video on the traditional martial art of Hojojutsu. This is one of the only video ever published on this art form detailing the defensive practices and techniques of the art. 

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