Favorite Moves - GI 3 DVD Set with Andre Galvao 1


Favorite Moves - GI 3 DVD Set with Andre Galvao 1

Andre Galvao Favorite Moves Gi 3 DVD Set

Pedro Sauer

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Proven in competition! Take your game to the next level with the details you will learn from this set. 

DVD #1

1. Lotus Flower Sweep
2. Lotus Flower Sweep - to Arm Bar
3. Lotus Flower Sweep - to Back
4. Rolling Kimura
5. Rolling Kimura - to Arm Bar
6. Rolling Kimura - to Lucha Libre Choke
7. Rolling Kimura from Half Guard Top
8. Rolling Kimura - Countering Single Leg

DVD #2

1. Reverse De La Riva Sweep
2. Reverse De La Riva to Y-Guard Sweep
3. Reverse DeLa Riva - Spin to Back
4. Ko Uchi Gari
5. Seoi Nage
6. Single Leg Counter
7. Single Leg Counter to Arm Bar

DVD #3

1. Going to Mount from Half Guard
2. Cross Choke from Mount
3. Wrist Lock from Side Control
4. Deep Half Guard Killer
5. Deep Half Guard Killer - to Crucifix
6. Passing Reverse DeLa Riva (to North / South Choke)
7. Passing Reverse De La Riva Variation

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