Disarming Encyclopeida DVD Cover 1


Disarming Encyclopeida DVD Cover 1

Atillo Balintawak Disarming Encyclopedia DVD Chapter 1

Cranes Production

$ 28.00 

Atillo Balintawak: Disarming Encyclopedia Chapter 1

This art focuses on stick fighting and its application with bladed weapons, as well as empty hands. Efficiency, and power are put together to produce this fighting system. It is a highly efficient style in combat and tournament situations.

In this DVD, legendary GM Crispulo Atillo shares his  60  + years of real life fighting experience, showing his most practical disarming methods and how to apply them in actual combat!

DVD Includes:

  • Introduction
  • Disarmings: Lecture, Slow Motion, Sparring applications
  • Bonus: Proper Striking Techniques
  • Interview with GM Atillo on the true history of Balintawak & Doce Pares


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