Cover Photo - 2011 Pan Jiu-jitsu Finals Matches (On Demand)


Cover Photo - 2011 Pan Jiu-jitsu Finals Matches (On Demand)

2011 Pan Jiu-jitsu Finals Matches (On Demand)


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The Pan Jiu-jitsu tournament is the WORLD'S LARGEST BJJ event. As usual, we are providing front row action to the event so you can see all of the throws, guard passes, sweeps, and submissions from some of the best grapplers on the planet.
Matches include:

Men's finals
Rooster: Rafael Freitas vs Felipe Costa
Light Feather: Caio Terra vs Bruno Malfacine
Feather: Bruno Frazzatto vs Rafael Mendes (Close out)
Light: Lucas Lepri vs Michael Langhi (Close out)
Middle: Claudio Calasans vs Lucas Leite
Medium Heavy: Andre Galvao vs Eduardo Santoro "Portugues"
Heavy: Rodolfo Vieira vs Bernardo Faria
Super Heavy: Marcus “Buchecha” Vinicius vs Bruno Bastos
Ultra Heavy: Antonio Braga Neto vs Antonio Carlos
Open Class: Rodolfo Vieira vs Bernardo Faria

Women's finals
Light Feather: Gezary Matsuda vs Angelica Vieira Ferreira
Feather: Michelle Nicolini vs Fabiana Borges
Light: Beatriz de Oliveira Mesquita vs Ana Carolina Lebre (Close out) (No video available)
Middle: Luanna Alzuguir vs Hannete Staack
Medium Heavy: Luiza Monteiro (No fight)
Heavy: Gabrielle Garcia vs Tammy Griego
Open Class: Luanna Alzuguir vs Gabrielle Garcia (Close out)

Includes commentary by Shawn Williams & Caleb and post fight interviews with Budo Jake.
Each fight has it's own chapter so you can jump to the match you want to see.
*This is a virtual On Demand item, this is not a physical DVD.
**You can watch as many times as you want.
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