Tournament Update: Hayastan Grappling Challenge Los Angeles

Tournament Update: Hayastan Grappling Challenge Los Angeles

Come to his tournament, he does not like to be disappointed

Our good friend, Gokor Chivichyan, is holding a tournament in Los Angeles on Feb. 11. It’ll be for both gi and nogi, and there rules allow for a lot more techniques than an IBJJF event – READ: reaping, heel hooks and neck cranks. Check the site for all of the rules.

If you don’t know Gokor, you should. ┬áNo, seriously … you should. He’s a great guy, a great instructor and the current or former coach of Rhonda Rousey, Manny Gamburyan and Karo Parisyan. I hear they’re kinda great.

Hayastan Grappling Challenge on Feb 20, 2011

The Hayastan Grappling Challenge is coming right up.

It will be held at the Hayastan MMA Academy in North Hollywood.

For more details check out

Hayastan Grappling Challenge in N Hollywood on Nov 14th

Gokor is hosting another one of his nogi grappling tournaments at his brand new gym on Nov 14th

Date: Sun 11/14/2010

Times: from 08:00 to 00:00
Place: 7229 Atoll Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA
For more info go to:
Also, check out the Paradise Warrior Retreat, also held at Gokor’s new academy on 11/20 & 11/21.
Special instructors include: Gokor Chivichyan, Gene LeBell, Benny the Jet, Manny Gamburyan, Savak Magakian, & Karen Darabedyan.

New show coming soon

Budo Jake is one of the main guys behind You might have seen him during the live broadcasts of the Pan Jiu-jitsu Tournament or the BJJ Worlds commentating or interviewing the gold medalists. Join us as we sit down with Jake to talk about his new show which is expected to debut in September. Where? Right here my friend, right here.

Budo Jake with Roger Gracie at the 2010 Worlds

BV: Hello Budo Jake, what’s this I hear about a new show that’s coming out soon?

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