Rolled Up Episode 29: Training the Gray Areas with Braulio Estima

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  • Woot

    What did you call the sweep where he went upside down towards the end?

    • Budo Jake

      It’s called a Berimbolo sweep. It’s often used by Rafael Mendes & Samuel Braga. Also if you watch Rolled Up with Jeff Glover you can see him sweep me with it in the opening seconds.

  • Jmoney1981

    Anyway to download this? Love these!

    • Budo Jake

      You can download it from iTunes.

  • Egefv

    Would you please stop saying what’s going to happen in the roll in advance, comment on it as it happens instead! Last episode was like that aswell, so annoying!

  • Stubbsy

    What a brilliant episode. These are getting better and better! Thanks for all the effort that went into this Jake :-D

    • Budo Dave

      Thank you!

  • Hugo Sergio


    • Budo Dave

      Thanks Hugo!

  • Gasmotorsports

    I’m I the only one that has constant queuing problems.

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  • Les Tate

    Awesome episode! Jake, you fought great in the GB tourney!

    • Budo Jake

      thanks brotha!

  • Piero bjjcyp

    BEST  EPISODE TILL NOW   Braulio Estima is the best of the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Egleriannen

    This player is so slow it is unbelievable…

    • Budo Jake

      Downloading it from iTunes is always an option.

  • desa

    Brilliant series. Thanks Budo videos. so many great role models in bjj, just a wave of love

    • Budo Dave

      Thanks for the kind words!

  • André Costa Silva

    Loved it, including the Top Gear intro.

    • Budo Dave

      Thank you Andre!

  • Sedrick272

    great stuff jake, really enjoyed it…keep it coming.

  • Elmer Angeles

    Jake, this show is the shiznit.  Rolled Up should be on cable television.

  • Nathanhammontree

    Start.  Stop.  Start.  Stop.  Start.  Stop.  Start.  Stop.  Start.  Stop.  Start.  Stop.   Great videos and I love to watch them but it is painful to get through it.  It won’t download and buffer, and I can’t save it like I can most other videos to watch after it downloads. 

    • Budo Jake

      You can download it from itunes.

  • Ooshnme

    great episode

  • Flouismarie

    I would call the chest compression , the “chiropractor’s choke ” ;-)

  • Tnolanjstone

    Great show, Braulio is at such a top level.  It’s always good to see these guys off the clock so to speak and hear from there perspective. 

  • Mikerouthier

    wat was that last sweep he did there i didnt catch the name?

  • Jmartinez648

    Jake, what can I do to make it stop buffering every minute on the :55 mark?

  • esquilinho

    love the Top Gear opening.

  • Tapnout

    Where are video 1-28?

  • Shawncito

    What a wealth of knowledge! Truly inspiriational and great to see someone with such a high skill set that is so wonderfully humble  :)

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