Rolled Up Episode 36 – Marcelo Garcia

  • Gladct

    That guy at 4:31 is smoking some good sh*t…what the hell is he talking about?  access,process,regurgitate,rear view mirror lol

  • Saungkh

    Damn Jake that was a really good interview, you asked everyone some real deep questions. Thanks for giving every one the opportunity to see that Tatiana is one of Marcelos best techniques :) Marcelo is great guy, shout outs to MG Academy. Jake next time ask him about his suicide bike.

  • Dayan Henson

    This is a fantastic show, so well produced and with great questions.  Great job Jake and thanks for such an informative show.

  • Svat

    You ask the perfect questions for Marcelo and his wife to express their passion and philosophy. Thank you so much Jake. I really appreciate the lesson Marcelo gives at 29:00 about giving 100 percent, or nothing at all. It means so much to me and I’m sure many practitioners and competitiors can relate as well. Keep it up!

  • Gilbert

    great episode, great bjj. unbelieveable roll at end!

  • Lee

    Tatiana is awesome! Good to see the woman behind the man.

  • Sean Flaherty


  • Filipe Almeida

    This show is so well produced I can’t even believe it’s provided at no charge! You guys are so great, asking INTELLIGENT questions that are relevant to the sport not like “So what is Marcelo’s favorite food?”

    I wish you all the best and thank you very much for such a quality product. Great Interview, Technique demonstration/lesson and Rolling.

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