Rolled Up Episode 32: Draculino – Where the old school meets the new school

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  • Drysdale JJ Poland

    Jake, who is Your master? Who awarded U for brown belt?

  • Rak3147

    Great job Budo Jake as always. Draculino is one of the best !!!!

  • Denishodge

    Thanks for another great episode, man i would love draculino to come to melbourne and teach.

  • Israelramos2008

    very cool

  • Hcagha

    incredible journalism for one of the very best. thanks for showing everyone how fortunate the jiu jitsu community is to have such an incredible person. 
    also a pleasant surprise, was the  well deserved coverage of  two time world champion brandon “wolverine” mullins.  

    • Budo Dave

      Thanks for the kind words!

  • Richard Allen

    Terrific video.  Keep them coming.
    Richard Allen
    Gracie Morumbi / Fabio Leopoldo Academy
    Thousand Oaks, California

    • Budo Dave

      Thanks! We’ve got more in the can! Up next is Carlson Gracie Jr!

  • Newerest

    brandon’s apartment must be a place of intense learning, srs

    • Budo Dave

      Yep, it’s pure jiu jitsu!

  • Edinsonmendoza27

    nice documentary about bjj=draculino

  • sly fox

    nice vid

    • Budo Dave

      Thank you for your email.
      I’m out of the office and may be without email access at the moment. I’ll be back in the office on April 26th and I’ll get back to you at that time. If you need immediate assistance please call the office at 1.800.451.4828.
      Thank you for your patience,

      Dave Contreras

  • Eric Spellman

    Man, really enjoyed that episode bro!

    • Budo Dave

      Thank you, sir!

      • Mkekoolani

        What’s up Dave. It’s Nawai from Hawaii. Loved it

  • Hcagha

    definitely best episode ever!


  • cmottBHBJJ

    Jake I’d like to see you roll with someone who is NOT a world champion sometime! No disrespect but these guys (Top of the food chain) that your doing rolled up with make you look like your not a brown belt. I’d like to see you schooling somebody for once haha!
    PS you looked good rolling with Draculino.

  • Gaz

    Really enjoyed that episode. So much wisdom from draculino, and a great role model in wolverine.

  • Gilbert

    professor draculino is the best bjj ambassador of all time.

  • Gilbert

    great to see the well deserved coverage of multiple time bjj world champion brandon mullins.

  • Flouismarie

    so Nice !!!! inspiring !

  • Gilbert c

    no one does it better. professor draculino is an excellent in all facets [bjj, mma, judo, submission wreslting]. we are so fortunate to have him in houston!

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