Rolled Up Episode 26 – Jiu-jitsu Missionary: Andre Galvao

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  • CBragg

    Awesome episode!

  • Erik_lupercio

    One of the best episodes by far

  • Paulecoyote

    Great Episode!

  • Piet Wilhelm

    Andre is awesome.  Love that guy!!!

  • Juanprieto1

    The judo move you guys asked about is called Ko-Uchi Gari or inside leg rip

    • Budo Dave


  • Dick Valdez

    Really loved this episode.  This was a little longer of an episode but I never got bored and LOVED the techniques Andre showed!

    • Budo Dave

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Saungkh

    Very nice interview, excellent production and the commericals are really funny.

    • Budo Dave

      Thank you!

  • Stubbsy

    A couple of the guys at the gym have seen this, and they subsequently used it last night on me with great success. Really sneaky technique! We,, I have watched it now so there’s no way that second hand is going in!

    • Stubbsy

      I was talking about the collar choke by the way…

      • Budo Dave


  • Stubbsy

    That Bill Cooper advert is fricking hilarious!!!

  • John Logan

    Amazing Bill Cooper advert.

  • Raihau Tahiti

    Andre is so confident with his BJJ Game. Need to train w/ him

  • Desadesa

    brilliant! can’t wait to get on the mats to try those moves :)

  • Chughes1990920

    o-uchi-gari variation, i think was the trip he used on the last roll. Pablo papvitch uses something very similar. Awesome video guys keep the rolled up show going. If I could be so bold to make a request to do a rolled up show at Team Llyod Irvin headquaters in camp springs MD. Those guys are hammers with alot of great talent from white belt to black belt.

  • Taylor Mcintosh

    purple belt for 9 months. incredible =)

  • Aleni901

    Nice one

  • Judoman

    It’s kouchi gari, not ouchi gari.

  • Filipe Almeida

    Best episode no doubts!! Thank you so much for this!

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