Rolled Up Episode 23 – The impassable guard with Michael Langhi

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  • BjjFan1

    Well he got his school. Everyone come down to Alliance Orlando, Florida. Head Instructor Michael Langhi can show you in person how to have an impassable guard! I made sure to sign up when I heard he was in town. Amazing BJJ just came to Orlando!!

    • Budo Dave

      Thank you for your email.
      I’m out of the office and may be without email access at the moment. I’ll be back in the office on January 13th and I’ll get back to you at that time. If you need immediate assistance please call the office at 1.800.451.4828.
      Thank you for your patience,

      Dave Contreras

  • Jabroni

    These videos are awesome. Especially the rolling at the end.


    Awesome video as always..the only thing I did not like was budo jake’s erotic voice during the rolling lol

  • Chinaboxer

    interesting, MIchael teaches exactly like Cobrinha, and even sounds like him!

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