This Week in BJJ: Episode 9 with Eddie Bravo

Aug 6th, 2012 by dane

We were joined by the immutable Eddie Bravo for this episode and he delivered his opinions regarding … well, nearly everything related to Jiu Jitsu. A word of warning, this episode is a beast! We broke the YouTube video into two parts (in the studio and on the mat), but none of it is worth skipping. Enjoy!

Show Notes

  1. Osvaldo Paqueta passed away today: Judo black belt, bjj red belt, student of Carlson Gracie and has the largest collection of bjj and mma videos in Brazil
  2. Kayla Harrison wins first ever Judo gold medal for the US (in the 78 kg division)
  3. Rio Open/Rio International Masters and Seniors: results
  4. Gi vs nogi debate
  5. MATS: Rubber guard and Williams guard


  • Humguy

    Thanks! this was awesome.

  • Erik Paulson

    God Rest another Legacy of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu…Mater Osvaldo Paqueta Rest in Peace with The Lord God Almighty and The Heavenly Realm! Please come and assist us when we are doing things the wrong way! God Bless his Contributions for all of our success! AMEN

  • Erik Paulson

    Thank You Eddie…always great insights!!!

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