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Aug 17th, 2010 by Budo Dave

Budo Jake is one of the main guys behind You might have seen him during the live broadcasts of the Pan Jiu-jitsu Tournament or the BJJ Worlds commentating or interviewing the gold medalists. Join us as we sit down with Jake to talk about his new show which is expected to debut in September. Where? Right here my friend, right here.

Budo Jake with Roger Gracie at the 2010 Worlds

BV: Hello Budo Jake, what’s this I hear about a new show that’s coming out soon?

J: Yes, we’re producing a new web based show called “Rolled Up”. We’re almost done filming season 1 and we plan to put the show out in September.

BV: What’s it about?

J: Each episode I take a private lesson with a different BJJ/Grappling instructor. In addition to learning some cool techniques, I also spar with the instructor so basically you get to see me get beat up a lot <laughs>.

BV: Why did you want to make this show?

J: Well, there are a couple reasons. First of all, working at Budovideos I get the opportunity to train with a lot of the best instructors in the world. I would tell people how incredible it was to train with so and so and my friends are always asking me who I’ve trained with lately so I figured why don’t we just film it? That way everyone can benefit. Even if I do get beat up in the process <laughs>.

The second motivation for me to make this show came about from talking to non-BJJ people. I would hear comments like “BJJ is boring to watch. Why are they just laying there? Why don’t they do something?” To the uninitiated, sometimes BJJ looks like that. Just two dudes laying there. In actuality, usually these are two evenly matched guys and one small mistake can cost you the match. I wanted to show what these guys are capable of when they are rolling with someone a couple belt levels lower. So for sure, you will get to see some beautiful sweeps and submissions on my show. I think it will be a good learning tool.

BV: Who are the guest instructors?

J: We’re not quite done filming, but some of the guys that will be on the show are Nino Schembri, Scott Epstein, Gokor Chivichyan, and Romulo Barral. More names to be announced soon!

BV: Did you get beat up a lot during the sparring sessions?

J: Oh yeah, of course! I mean the guys who are teaching are some of the best in the world. I’m just a normal ol’ purple belt.

BV: Do you enjoy getting beat up?

J: Well I’m not a masochist but getting beat is a great learning experience. Everyone loves winning but not everyone can handle losing. If you are truly on the mat to try to learn than you should be happy to lose in my opinion. Losing gives you feedback of what not to do. Then it’s just a matter of drilling so you don’t make the same mistakes over again.

BV: Who was your favorite instructor to learn from?

J: Ah man, they are all so talented and have so much to teach.

BV: Ok, I guess we’re not going to get your answer on that one! Well thanks and we’re looking forward to the show.

J: Me too, stay tuned!

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