New episode of Rolled Up with Andre Galvao

Aug 22nd, 2011 by Budo Jake

The new episode with Andre is now up!

We spent all day with Andre. It started with an early morning class full of energetic young dudes. I’ve trained with Andre a couple times before so I knew a little of what to expect. The drills were awesome. Very fast paced and designed to build muscle memory. I was training with a rooster weight brown belt world champ from Brazil who was super fast. I can see how training in this environment would be great for guys who like to compete.

For the techniques I asked Andre to show the choke he slapped on Big Mac at the 2008 Pan. 3 years later the image of him choking out a guy with such a big neck like that in the open weight division is still clear in my mind. I was surprised at the little details of the “slow choke”. I’ve since used it in sparring and I can tell you it is money!

On Rolled Up I always like to get into deep conversations with the guys on the show. We started off at a sushi restaurant (Andre loves sushi) and I was introduced to the protein roll – no rice! – it was delicious… Then we went to Pacific Beach. For the last shot I wanted to take him someplace that would be suitable to learn about his spiritual side. He had no idea what a mission was so I looked up the nearest one and I took him there. Little did I know that one happened to be the first mission in California! Pretty cool.

We finished the show with some sparring and well, you can guess how that went. But it was fun and a learning experience!

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