Interview with Bruno “Bad Boy” Malfacine

Jul 19th, 2011 by Erin Herle

In 2008 you left your team of Gama Filho (now GFT) to join Fabio Gurgel at Alliance in Sao Paulo. Why did you choose to leave and what has been the biggest advantage?

I chose to leave because in addition to a few reasons, wanted to make this sport my life. I had already won my first World Championship in 2007 at black belt. I lost in 2008 but after the competition had a great opportunity to move to São Paulo and be a part of this family. The advantage is that today, as many others friends who live here in Sampa, I can fully dedicate my life because it’s what I chose for my future and what I love to do.

Many people feel that leaving their team is not an option even though the training might not be right for them. You were with one team from blue belt to black belt before switching. Was there a lot of tension when you left and what can you tell someone who is considering switching teams?

Yes, I trained with Vinicius Amaral, leader of the team Game Fight, a former affiliate of the GFteam, and also with Julio Cesar. It was a difficult decision but I had my reasons. My teacher helped me in this decision and today we have a great relationship. When I decided to leave, I talked with everyone and left everything perfectly clear. I did my part and left through the front door. I have great friends there today. Some supported me and others understood but didn’t want to accept it.

Anyone who thinks about doing this today: think a thousand times before making the decision to not make the wrong choice and most importantly, leave with your head held high and a clear conscience. Always do the right thing. Today I can say that it was the best decision I have made in life.

What is your living situation in Brazil and does that benefit your training?

I now live in São Paulo and I thank God every day for being able to live my life doing what I love doing. It’s like being on vacation all the time! The big names of team Alliance still live and train in São Paulo which makes it easier since we are all moving together towards the same goal. One of the secrets of our success is the arsenal. We are a family and with Fabio in command of drills and Edson Ramalho running our physical training, everything becomes easier.

On the back of Milton Bastos at the 2011 Pan.

You normally compete at rooster weight, winning 3 world titles, but recently came up in weight to fight at light feather in the European Championship where you also did well. How hard is it for you to make weight at rooster and have you considered staying at light feather?

Its not easy, lol. The preparation begins well before what you might imagine. For me, the competition already starts when I decide that I will fight. I focus all my energy on my goal. Diets, workouts, fitness, etc. There are many uncertainties and sacrifice that I must face for victory and this strengthens and motivates me to be in my best shape—prepared for anything.

Like many other young active competitors, you don’t have the responsibility of managing an academy and students. Do you see this as an advantage?

Of course. Luckily, I have this privilege. It is very beneficial when I can put my entire focus only on training. We have a team of competitors here in São Paulo who are very strong and many do just that. But I believe that, although it is difficult to be a competitor and also have the life of a professor, today we have great champions who are both. It is an option for me and I already have plans to start giving lessons.

Finishing the choke on Milton Bastos at the 2011 Pan.

Are you planning on coming to the United States permanently?

Yes, of course it is in my plans! But I believe that will happen in the right time.

In a past interview you said that Caio Terra talks too much. At the 2011 Pan American Championships this year he opened it once more but this time to remark on the use of steroids in the sport using you as a head to step on. What is your response to his accusations?

He was unreasonable in that accusation. He can’t point the finger at someone that way. I don’t need to prove anything to him and he just needs to follow through with what he says. I do think that it is the right thing to do. All competitors should have to pass a test for this. It’s good for the sport.

Being a smaller competitor there are risks when entering an absolute division. While others of small stature have done well in these divisions in the past, you usually steer clear. Have you considered entering an open weight category? Why or why not?

I think so. I always want to test myself but I also know of the risks like injury. I might enter an absolute soon. My professor Fabio always jokes that I will compete in one of these any time … lol

If you could choose one person to fight past or present, dead or alive, who would it be?

Robson Moura. I have always admired him and I’m a fan. I think it would be a great fight.

At the 2010 World Championship Michel Langhi was defeated by Ary Farias when he was then a brown belt and you noted that it was a loss Michel would have to become accustomed to. At the European Championship this year you faced him in the finals of the light feather division as he is now a black belt. Did you feel that you had to avenge Michel’s loss and is Ary now someone you would like to win against in the future?

Michel is my great friend but in no way did I feel I had to avenge him. I do not like to fight with those kinds of thoughts. I just do my best all the time and the result will be the reflection of my training and my mind. It was a great fight and sure, we’ll meet more often.

Your nickname is “bad boy” which was given to you as a child. What can you say is the definition of a “bad boy?”

It was just a joke! I’ve had the nickname since I was a child and it’s only a nickname, I’m not a bad boy lol

Finally, at 24 you have a long way to go in this sport. What do you hope to accomplish by the age of 30?

I hope I have left my name in the history of the sport, have done good things and have contributed to the growth of the sport. I want to build my academy and become a good teacher. I want to be doing great things always. I want to be an example professionally and as a person. I don’t want to be admired just for my victories, but for everything I’ve done—by my character, which is the most important.

I would like to leave a big hug to all my fans, all that admire and support me. Remember: if you have a dream, go to the end and always believe in yourself!  Thank you for all the messages!  To keep up with my news, follow me on twitter: @bmalfacine and add my fan page on facebook Bruno Malfacine!

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