Friday Wrap-Up: Pre-Pre Pan Championship Edition

Mar 23rd, 2012 by dane

There is only one bit of news here at Budo Videos: Getting ready for the Pan Ams. The brackets look ridiculous and the crew is going around harassing the top competitors while they train (see here). Recently, the boys went south filmed a top team on the sport BJJ circuit, and it may or may not involve the UberMends (HINT: It does). Look for that soon on YouTube.


  • Dave at the Jiu Jitsu Laboratory heard you liked BJJ posts so he posted a link to a post about BJJ so that you can read a post about BJJ while reading a post about BJJ.
  • Dstryr and BJJ Hacks recently Voltroned into a space-monster crushing list of BJJ-related Instagram accounts. Get at it.
  • So, I’d like to think of the Friday Wrap-Up as an opportunity for the Budo Blog readers to catch up on the BJJ/grappling stories they may have missed. I am now in the very conflicted position of offering you a story you may wish you missed. Two words: Justin, Bieber. Two more words: Arm, bar – as in applying, not getting.
  • Brendan over at just posted his thoughts on the Tatami Terere gi. The short version: He did not catch on fire. That only makes sense if you follow us on Twitter.
  • Are you in the market for a gi (say, one of these) but are a little confused by the fits and weaves? Let GracieMag help you out.
  • I don’t think this is a good idea, even if Kron Gracie does it (and is apparently pretty good).
  • Helio Gracie doing his thing with a young Rener. That is all.
  • Dstryr brings us this video of Andre Galvao discussing the “Jiu JItsu Life”. There are some great bits of wisdom here.

Budo Videos Stuff

  • Darcepedia. Seriously, it’s still blowing my mind.
  • Mike_jeffries28

    i just wish you guys would come to utah we have some great grapplers out hear my son is really good he as got 1 place in naga two times now so hope to see you soon thanks

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