Friday Wrap-Up: Pre-Pre-Christmas Edition

Dec 16th, 2011 by dane

Well, BudoBlog readers, this is shaping up to be a particularly promising end of the year. I’ve somehow managed to amass a brilliant pair of weeks that will be spent around people I admire and adore. Also, I understand that Christmas is fast approaching and apparently I have a few family events planned – whatever. The Mendes Brothers are coming to Los Angeles to deliver an early Christmas gift to me-ER … to the BJJ community of Southern California, and all I got them was this news round-up.

  • A certain pair of enthusiastic brother’s needs to Bully Proof Pablo Popovitch’s Ford F-150. Apparently, his beast mode has so thoroughly been engaged that clinching with humans no longer suffices as training.
  • I have long asserted that Monopoly (the board game) demonstrates striking similarities to the real world of finance. By this, I mean the rampant occurrence of theft, lies, slicing accusations of fraud and overturned cans of Pepsi while one slaps their cousin Logan for slipping Boardwalk and Park Place into his pile of properties while you were away grabbing Doritos. In a similar turn of insight, Jiu Jitsu Monopoly is strikingly accurate, save for the glaring exclusions of BudoVideos and the earth shaking insights of a certain BJJ blogger.
  • Submissions submitted UFC 140 in a dazzling display of … submissiolescence. The highlights include: Jon Jones’ standing guillotine of Lyoto Machida and Frank Mir’s victory against the much under-realized threat of elbow ligaments. Unfortunately, the offending soft tissue happened to be located in Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s elbow, whom I adore as a fighter (I wish him a speedy recovery).
  • As a result of last Saturday’s submissiolescence, the world can watch Rener Gracie vibrate with previously thought-to-be impossible levels of enthusiasm in the Gracie Breakdown of UFC 140. His cup runneth over.

Budo News

  • Look out for a new article on Nino Schembri’s new black belt, Ben Kim, on this here Blogowebsiteosphere.

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