Friday Wrap-Up: Pre-Mundials Edition

May 25th, 2012 by dane

The office and warehouses are a-buzzing here at Budo. I suspect this is due in small part to the increase in training while BJJ practitioners hone their “beach bodies” and more greatly to the World Jiu Jitsu Championships. To answer your questions:

1. Yes, we are broadcasting.
2. Yes, I will be posting on Twitter and Facebook.
3. Yes, we will have a booth there.
4. No, we do not quit.

So, if you’re going, look for me. I’ll be the one typing furiously at the Budo Broadcast Tangle or running laps around the venue while attempting to get quotes and photos.


  • The 2012 World Championships will be a big deal. How big of a deal? Gracie Mag ran some of the numbers.
  • Intrepid reporter Deb Blyth and I have decided that we’ll use the hashtag #2012worlds for our Twitter coverage. Look for that and us (she’ll be Tweeting for Gracie Mag) on the Twitters. She’ll be providing meaningful cover, I’ll mostly deliver pithy comments.
  • Word on the TwitterSphere is that Cristiane “Cyborg” is competing at the Worlds this year. Again, this event will be a big deal.
  • In case you didn’t get the Budo newsletter (if you don’t, why not?), Storm Kimonos is offering a free t-shirt with every gi presale!
  • Unfortunately, 2012 Pan Championship gold medalist Kayron Gracie recently got injured and is out of the Worlds. Bummer.
  • Ladies, in the search for a gi but don’t know which to pick? Let Brendan at Gi Reviews give you a hand with that.
  • Want to know how the champions are training this year? Check out the Budo Videos 2012 World Championship preparation videos – featuring Atos, Kyra Gracie and Gracie Humaita.
  • The 2012 Spring Open episode of IBJJF TV is up! Take a gander.
  • Remember, you can always pick up a Replay Pass of the 2012 Pan Championships if you need a refresher of what’s to come at the Worlds.

  • Caleb

    Looking forward to it the Mundials with you guys!

    • dane

      Likewise Caleb!

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