Friday Wrap Up: Looking Longing Over the Pacific Edition

Apr 13th, 2012 by dane

I will be in the Republic of Korea by this time next week  in order to fulfill my dreams of becoming a star Koreab Pop singer. Nevermind my limited Korean language ability and the fact that I’m a Hawaiin/Portuguese/German/Irish/English hybrid – I have dream. Luckily, I also have a contingency plan: Train a whole bunch of Jiu Jitsu with my team in Seoul (John Frankl BJJ – DISCLOSURE: I run their website and John is a close friend and BJJ mentor), eating Korean barbeque and not drinking heavily – at all. Ever.  Expect posts and photo galleries from Seoul. I plan to hit several different BJJ schools (I’m shooting for six, possibly more as time permits). Also, I totally plan on Twitterifying and compiling FWU for the next two weeks. I know, I’m amazing at going on vacation.



  • Hywel Teague

    Thanks for the link to BJJ Hacks guys, but it’s Ricardo Vieira in our vid – not Rodolfo! 

  • Thejiujitsulab

    Thanks for supporting The Jiu Jitsu Lab, I always find cool stuff in your wrap-ups!

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