2012 Pan Championship: The Aftermath

Apr 3rd, 2012 by dane

It was Saturday afternoon, after I’d watched Gui Mendes warming up and Otavio Sousa marching toward the bullpen, that I realized things had gotten real. The Pan Championship is a bit of a sensory blitzkrieg and it’s easy to lose sight of the storm brewing just over the horizon.

The black belt final matches dropped a few bombs. Caio Terra, who at the No Gi World Championships a few months earlier declared that he’d be sitting out to recover form injuries, emerged victorious with sweeping points. Kayron Gracie took the middle weight title with a choke and Rafael Mendes closed the book on a nagging question in his career with an armbar on the inveterate Cobrinha.

We here at Budo Videos want to thank all of the Live Pass watchers and the thousands in attendance. See you all at the worlds!

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