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Wrestling for BJJ 4 DVD Set by Hudson Taylor Sale


Wrestling for BJJ 4 DVD Set by Hudson Taylor

Wrestling for BJJ 4 DVD Set by Hudson Taylor

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Learn The Wrestling Based System For Jiu Jitsu That Other BJJ Guys Can’t Defend. Hudson Taylor’s Wrestling System Can Be Adopted By Anyone To Takedown & Control Younger, Stronger Or Higher Belt Opponents – Even Black Belts.

This Simple System Works For Any Practitioner– Especially Older Guys.

Hudson Taylor walked into a BJJ Gym for the first time in the fall of 2016. By the spring of 2017 he was a Blue Belt World Champ. That just doesn’t happen. Full Disclosure: Hudson is a great wrestler with a lot of mat awareness, but he won this title in a Gi!

How Did He Do It? 

Hudson is a smart guy and he broke down BJJ into some essential elements. He needed great takedowns and from wrestling he has some. 

Hudson can show you the easiest takedowns that give you the most bang for your buck. With just a little practice you should be able to takedown virtually any BJJ opponent. Why? BJJ guys don’t practice wrestling takedowns! Doing them or defending them! They are making major errors that you can exploit easily – once you know how! 

Wrestling is all about control and far too many of the lower belts are worried about flashy submissions before they establish solid positioning… Hudson says “speed is the enemy of pinning” and when you see how to execute his unthinkably slow, grinding style, it will all make sense… Wherever you are in BJJ Hudson can help your game.

So What’s On Hudson’s DVD?

DVD 1:
-single wrist set up & control 
-single wrist stack 
-single wrist step over to half 
-reverse arm bar 
-tilt from single wrist 
-cradle off of single wrist  
-power half 
-tilt from legs in 
-counter when opponent sits to hip 
-pin up 
-moneymaker on flexible opponent 
-putting it all together 

DVD 2:
-knee slide drill 
-knee slide to escape 
-wrist reversal
-elevator sweep reversal 
-granby to escape 
-granby to reversal 
-changeover/knee slide drill  
-escape when opponent attacks belly ankle 
-granby roll when opponent attacks belly ankle 
-defense when opponent throws leg in 
-defending the power half 
-defending banana split 
-sit out defense to legs 
-defending power half when opponent sits to butt 
-defending when opponent grabs his own ankle
-final thoughts

DVD 3:
-club replacement drill 
-half pull full drill 
-under hook shuck 
-hand fighting sequence from under hook 
-arm drag when opponent has an overtie 
-hand fighting sequence for 2 on 1 
-inside tie/outside tie hand fighting 
-running the pipe single leg 
-Knee block to finish single 
-transition finish to single leg 
-twisting finish to single  
-same side single leg finish 
-finishing the single from knees  
-finishing the single when both guys are on knees  
-finishing the single when opponent Whizzers 
-final thoughts 

DVD 4:
-defense for opponents collar tie  
 -defending the opponents under hook 
-defending the 2 on 1 
-defending the opponents inside tie 
-defending opponents outside tie 
-defending the single when leg is in the middle 
-defending the single leg by bringing the leg inside 
-defending the single when both guys are on the feet  
-defending the single when opponent is on knees 
-defending the single when both guys are on knees  
-far ankle bait 
-conventional defense when both guys are on knees  
-defending the low single 

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