World Champion BJJ Techniques DVD with Rafael Mendes

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Learn the latest BJJ techniques from the 19 year old jiu-jitsu genius - Rafel Mendes.
Contents include:
Gi Section
Guard pass to choke
Guard pass to omo plata
Guard pass to the back
Guard pass to armbar
Half guard sweep counter to the back
Half guard sweep counter to omoplata
Losing and retaking the back
Flying omoplata
Spiral guard to the back
Spiral guard to kneebar
Half spider guard sweep 1
Half spider guard sweep 2
Sitting guard to the back
Sitting guard sweep to the back
X-guard sweep to guard pass to armbar
Halfguard pass to the back
Choke from the back
Nogi Section
Guard pass to the back 1
Guard pass to the back 2
Guard pass to calf slicer
Guard pass to guillotine
X-Guard sweep counter
Sweep to crucifix
Omoplata to armbar
Sweep to kimura
Back escape
De la Riva sweep
Language: Portuguese with Japanese subtitles
Rafael's competition resume:
3 Times BJJ World Champion CBJJ (2006/2007/2008)
World Nogi Champion CBJJ (2008)
Asian Cup Champion IPJJF (2008)
Abu Dhabi Pro Champion IPJJF (2008)
ADCC TRIALS Brazil Champion (2009)
Deep X III Champion - Japan (2008)
Second Place  Capital Chalenge - Jordan (2008)
Third Place Pan American Championship CBJJ  (2009)
2 Times Brazilian Champion CBJJ (2006/2007)