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Wing Chun DVD by Toshiro Yamada

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Toshiro Yamada spent much time in America learning directly from Francis Fong (student of Bruce Lee) and now has a large following in Japan.

Contents of this instructional DVD are:

-Jing Ma
-Jor Jun Su Ma
-Yao Jun Su Ma
-Jong Sao
-Toh Ma
-Seep Ma
-Than Sao
-Bong Sao
-Fook Sao
-Wu Sao
-Jut Sao
-Siu Nim Tao
-Chum Kiu
-Pak Sao
-Than Sao
-Bong Sao
-Jop Sao
-Jut Sao
-Dan Chee Sao
-Huen Sao / Bil Gee

Total Run Time: 111 Min
Language: Japanese