White Crane Hard & Soft Qigong DVD with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

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Develop Strength and Explosive Martial Power Shaolin White Crane Hard Qigong strengthens muscles, tendons, and ligaments and develops the strength and flexibility of the torso and spine.

Hard Qigong also helps to build a strong root, improves your stability, and increases your muscular endurance. In addition to strength and power, Hard Qigong training builds up Qi in the limbs, which then flows to the internal organs, nourishing them with Qi and improving your vitality.

  • Forms, Stretching & Fundamental Stances
  • Two complete sets of Moving Hard Qigong

Capture the Essence of Internal Power To use White Crane martial power your body must be like a whip - smooth and flexible. Therefore the joints must be relaxed and the entire body connected. Shaolin White Crane Soft Qigong trains you to be soft, relaxed, and coordinated. It also promotes smooth Qi flow and builds robust health and longevity. Soft Qigong promotes good health of the spine and helps to keep the waist and torso fit and flexible.

  • Warm-ups & Stretching
  • Qigong Exercises for the Fingers, Hands, Arms, Chest & Lungs
  • The Complete Moving Set of White Crane Soft Qigong