West Coast Koryu Taikai 2 DVD Set

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The West Coast Taikai is a one of a kind event bringing multiple teachers and dojos together from various Gendai and Koryu sword arts of old Japan. This special event is something that is rarely seen outside of Japan and the combination of demonstrations and competition all wrapped into one is not to be missed.

Demonstrations and interviews

Scott Irey (Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu)
Tom Smyth & Mike Femal (Toyama Ryu)
Bob Elder (Toyama Ryu)
Yasumoto Iitsuka (Toyama Ryu)
Yoshitaka Yamada & Carl McClafferty (Shin Shin Sekiguchi Ryu Batto Jutsu)
Niina Gyokudo Toyoaki (Mugai Shinden Mugai Ryu)
Mitsuo Hataya (Toyama Ryu)

West Coast Taikai Competition

Taikai features the following events:
-Batto Kata
-Iai Kata
-Batto Tameshigiri


Language: Japanese with English subtitles