Ninja Path to Black Belt: Part 2 - Angling and Positioning to Win with Stephen Hayes

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Be in the right place at the right time. That's the key to Water elemental taijutsu, perhaps the most unique movement in any martial art. Aligning, positioning, and angling to win is your second step on the path to Black Belt in To-Shin Do®. The lessons in these videos contain techniques and tactics from the Blue Belt curriculum as well as a bonus video for testing your skills necessary to obtain a Red & White belt. You'll learn how to handle bigger and more determined aggressors in many of the most common assaults. Includes 3 DVDs.


  • Going With the Flow Against Grabbing Assault
  • Unarmed, long-range, angled-footwork defense against shoves, tackles, and restraints


  • Going With the Flow Against Striking Assault
  • Unarmed, long-range, angled-footwork defense against strikes, shoves, and restraints


  • How to test your Water Element Tactical Defenses