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Ushiro Karate DVD 2: Essential Principles of Bujutsu by Kenji Ushiro 1


Ushiro Karate DVD 2: Essential Principles of Bujutsu by Kenji Ushiro 1

Ushiro Karate DVD 2: Essential Principles of Bujutsu by Kenji Ushiro

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We are proud to offer the first DVDs ever by Kenji Ushiro Sensei, well-known Japanese karateka, author, educator, trainer, and inventor. Ushiro Sensei's connection with Aiki News / Aikido Journal goes back more than a decade. Ushiro Sensei has offered a continuous stream of positive input to the aikido world through his books and seminars, and his appearances at the Aiki Expo in the USA. He has undertaken to encourage the practitioners of the aikido to return the art to its martial roots while preserving a high ethical level and emphasis on personal development.

These DVDs each running over an hour are full of close-up action and detailed explanations with English subtitles throughout to accomodate an international audience.

Part 2 of "Ushiro Karate" features the following:

* The concept of "Sen" in Bujutsu: explanation & demonstration
* Training at the Tokyo Jissen Juku Dojo: Part Two
* Changeover to Bujutsu Karate: Training at the Kazumi Dojo

From the introduction:

Passing down a tradition is not simply a matter of preserving historical materials and leaving behind words chronicling past events. The purpose of tradition is to bring life to techniques and their spirit which have been imprinted into the human body throughout history according to the times. That is to say, the essence of passing down a tradition lies in actually being able to express the techniques and their spirit physically, not by words, through severity in practice.

The absolute conditions of bujutsu and budo are controlling the combative space, and entering into the opponent. One must completely control the opponent. There exist no walls of styles or factions nor are can there be any excuses.

This DVD presents the fine skills and spirit of this 600-year-old tradition and how they may be implemented in the present age through the teachings of Karateka Kenji Ushiro. It is our wish to transmit this method through this work.

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

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