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Ultimate Grappling Hacks 3 DVD Set by Joe Lauzon


Ultimate Grappling Hacks 3 DVD Set by Joe Lauzon

Ultimate Grappling Hacks 3 DVD Set by Joe Lauzon

Matt Arroyo

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When you take Joe's aggressive style where he is always looking for the finish and chains his attacks together, you will begin to overwhelm your opponent into submission.

Joe Lauzon's System will allow you to put so much pressure on your opponent (whether you are a BJJ guy or MMA guy) they will make a mistake and give you an opportunity to finish.  

There is no fluff whatsoever. Joe only put his best hacks from each position...It may be only 2 hacks in one position, but they are the 2 that he uses successfully every time he competes!

No one is used to defending Joe's game, so even experienced black belts will often make "rookie" mistakes when these hacks are applied... This is a surefire way to get a stronger position and/or a submission and leave people scratching their heads.
The first half of the course is pure No Gi Grappling Hacks for anyone who trains! Whether you are a beginner, purple belt, or even a black belt, you will get to the next level with Joe's Hacks! 
The second half of the course is grappling for MMA or self defense! He shows how to use striking on the ground to set up the passes and submissions (and even finish the fight.) 80% of his MMA grappling can be used in just regular no gi jiu jitsu!
DVD 1:  Ultimate Grappling Hacks Part 1
DVD 2: Grappling Hacks Part 2 and  Grappling For MMA Hacks Part 1
DVD 3:  Grappling For MMA Hacks Part 2
(all can be used for straight no gi grappling except strikes)

Release date: May 25, 2016

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