The Takedown Blueprint Vol. 1 by Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens (On Demand)

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Judo Champion Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens will be your guides as you learn to master the skills necessary to take your opponent down in Vol 1 of The Takedown Blueprint On Demand. If you are looking to expand your game and gain an edge on your competitors, learn from the best Judo competitors and gain points, position and advantage over your opponents today and master the Takedown Blueprint!

Content Includes:

  1. Falling Lessens
  2. Intro
  3. Osoto Gari
  4. Knee Osoto Gari
  5. Drop Seoi Nage
  6. Modified Drop Seoi Nage
  7. Ippon Seoi Nage
  8. Tomoe Nage
  9. Tai Otoshi
  10. One Handed Tai Otoshi
  11. Ouchi Gari
  12. Opposite Side Ochui Gari

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