The Principle of Daito Ryu Bujutsu Aiki DVD by Yoshihisa Ishibashi

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Even at 80 years old, Yoshihisa Ishibashi shows how to learn "Aiki" by a master who embodies an amazing skill to fight!

Sokaku Takeda is said to have spent the first half of his training in swordsmanship. Then, the Daito Ryu style was born by sublimating the techniques cultivated through rigorous training into physical arts. In this DVD, you will learn the shape and practice method of the Ono Ha school of swordsmanship style, which can be said to be one of the major elements of Daito-ryu Aiki. Ishibashi Shihan also shows the tactics that assume actual battle, which can be said to be the "martial arts aiki" of Tokimune Takeda's direct lineage in the Daito style. The instructional concludes with "Aiki Nono Kodachi" for the first time ever in video.

Japanese language
50 min.

Expected ship date: 3/1/2021

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