The Lo Guard & Matrix Passing Vol. 2 by Leandro Lo (On Demand)

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World Champion Leandro Lo brings you the most complex systems on guard passing: The Lo Guard & Matrix Passing. Take your training with you as Lo shows you his unique take on passing some of the toughest guards in Jiu Jitsu today such as: 50/50, X Guard, Worm Guard and more! These on demand videos aren't for the light hearted and are full of advanced techniques Leandro has used to gain his multiple World Championships.

Content Includes:

  • 1A- Toreando
  • 1B - Details about toreando grips (1A and 1B go together)
  • Toreando variation / opponent holding the leg
  • Jumping X guard pass
  • Spider guard pass
  • Back step pass from spider
  • Cross face smash
  • Lasso Pass
  • Lasso Pass variation 1
  • Lasso Pass variation 2
  • Lasso Pass variation 3
  • X guard
  • X guard pass variation
  • 7 point guard pass from single X
  • 50/50 Pass
  • 50/50 foot on biceps pass
  • 50/50 clock pass
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