The Crucifix & Loop Choke 3 DVD Set by Alexandre Vieira

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Learn The Two Most Simple Yet Neglected Chokes In BJJ Today – These Two Moves Could Tap Everyone In Your Gym


Alexandre Viera – Who Lives & Trains In Rio –Shows All Of The Secrets Of The Moves That Made Him World Famous


It all started when Alexandre went over to Abu Dhabi to compete in the Abu Dhabi Pro Tournament.  He locked on the loop choke, did a fireman’s carry and then gently put his oppontent down after he passed out.  The video went viral.  People wanted to learn the move but no one knew how…


So What is Alexandre’s secret? It is a game centered around a modern and unique approach to the crucifix position and a loop choke he locks on out of nowhere.   He is always looking to finish and in his victories he has a 100% finish rate!  That is positively unheard of!!!  He’s either gonna choke you out or lose trying! This Murilo Bustamante black belt is responsible for some of the slickest submission victories we have seen lately. Now you have the chance the learn why.


Volume 1:
Traditional Crucifix
Alexandre Crucifix Style
Crucifix From Back With Hooks
Crucifix Against High Crotch Single
Single Leg Counter
Top Slide Pass Crucifix 
Lapel Drag
Side Control Take 
Deep Half Counter
Double Leg Counter Loop Choke Transition To Crucifix


Volume 2:
Loop Chokes
Traditional Loop Choke
Traditional Loop Choke Cross Arm
Explanation Dissecting Traditional Loop Choke
Alexandre Personal Loop Choke Style
Loop Choke Closed Guard Traditional
Loop Choke Drill
Giving The Guard Pass To Get The Loop Choke
Loop Choke When Opponent Bear Hugs Legs
Loop Choke From Under Side Control
Loop Choke From Deep Half
Deep Half Loop Choke Sweep Variation
Take 3: Lying Down Firemans Carry
Fireman Carry Loop Choke When He Stands
Reaction To The Underhook: Troubleshooting Against Under Hook
Loop Choke From Top Split Guard
De La Riva Reaction


Volume 3:
Loop Chokes
Half Guard Pass
Knee Slice Passing
Reverse Half Guard Pass
Choke From Mount
Single Leg Defense 
Double Leg Defense
Morote Seonage Fake To Loop Choke
Choking The Turtle Position 
Choking From The Back
Jump Over Loop Choke
Loop Choke Counter 
Wrist Lock
Lapel Drag
Double Unders Counter
Loop Choke Variation Double Unders
Over Under Counter
Reverse De La Riva Lapel