The Catch Wrestling Formula 4 DVD Set with Neil Melanson

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Legendary Head Coach Of The Blackzillians MMA Team, Neil MelansonHas Simple & Easy To Use Catch Wrestling Techniques That Work Wonders At The Highest Level  & He Can Show You How To Dismantle Your Class Mates & Competitors In Just A Few Minutes.
"I'd slap Rickson Gracie in the face five times before I'd disrespect Melanson.” – Chael Sonnen

When you first hear people talk about Neal Melanson you think they are bullsh**ing. People talk about him tapping MMA Stars 5 times in one roll.  They talk about him smashing ADCC Champions and BJJ Mundial World Champs and tapping them multiple times in one roll like you hear people talk about how tough they think Batman or Superman would be in Grappling.  But let’s look a little closer.  Neal has been the coach of some major MMA Teams & great MMA fighters.

Here Are Some Of The Guys He's Coached...

Dominic Cruz: Current two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion

Randy Couture: Multiple titles and was the Head Coach At XTreme Couture

Michael Chandler: Current, two-time Bellator Lightweight Champion.

That is only a few.  In the inner circles of BJJ, this guy is a straight up legend...

“Neil’s Guard Is One Of the Best In The World.  He can triangle anyone.” – Vitor Belfort

If He’s So Tough, Why Doesn’t he compete in BJJ?

Because he doesn’t do BJJ, he’s a catch wrestler.  He didn’t learn from the Gracie lineage or even Brazilian lineage.  He learned in little Armenia – a section of Los Angeles – from the most famous catch wrestler of all time “Judo” Gene Lebell, his student Gokor Chivechian, and former UFC star Karo Paryisian, at their school Hayastan.  He went in there knowing nothing and kept getting smashed by the advanced Judo the smaller guys had.  Gokor told him that he needed to learn his guard better than anyone and urged him to practice.  When Neil told Gokor that he wanted to learn to beat these guys on his feet, Gokor told him it was his way or to hit the bricks.  Neil learned the Guard; except he took it far beyond where anyone else at Hayastan took it and perhaps beyond where anyone anywhere took it.  Neil does thing other guys simply doesn’t do... Catch wrestling Is The Anti BJJ.

So What's in Neil Melanson's Catch Wrestling Formula?

DVD I - Countering Underhook Getup

  • 01 Near side under series to backhand straight armbar
  • 02 Half guard quarter counter to d'arce
  • 03 Arm in guillotine
  • 04 Arm in guillotine, anaconda, mizzou choke

DVD II - Cow Catcher Series (Part 1)

  • 01 Rnc series
  • 02 Cow catcher to fist choke
  • 03 Half helch series
  • 04 Cradle series and drill

DVD III - Cow Catcher Series (Part 2)

  • 01 Whizzer series
  • 02 Armless d'arce crank
  • 03 Cradle series
  • 04 Cradle to back take
  • 05 Kneebar

DVD IV - Butterfly Cradle Pass Series 

  • 01 Cradle to heel hook
  • 02 Cradle to heel hook
  • 03 Shoulder pin series closed guard
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