The Berimbolo & Beyond Vol. 2 by the Miyao Brothers (On Demand)

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The berimbolo is arguably the most popular move in Jiu Jitsu today! Learn from the Miyao Brothers, two brothers who have perfected the position and taken it to the next level. Paulo & Joao Miyao have dominated competitions using the berimbolo at Purple, Brown and Black Belt winning multiple championships year after year. Take your training with you wherever you go with this great On Demand video.

Contents Include:

  • X-Guard to Back Take
  • X-Guard to Triangle
  • X-Guard to Leg Lock
  • X-Guard to Omaplata Sweep
  • Sweep to Leg Drag to Side Control
  • Back Take from Sweep
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Calf Lock
  • Shoulder Lock
  • Back Take from Fake Kimura
  • Biceps Lock
  • Omaplata
  • Arm Lock

*This is a virtual On Demand item, this is not a physical DVD.
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