Tetsuzan Kuroda 11: Training Kata Vol 1 DVD

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The 'Kata' is the collected wisdom of ancient masters. It is by understanding and practicing it that one will master martial arts. Musoku, Ukimi, Juntai. All these fast and flowing moves stem from the Kata. In this DVD Tetsuzan Kuroda explains and demonstrates the meaning and purpose of the Kata. Contents: Suburi, Kiriage, Komagawa Inshinryu Kenjutsu, Ashikiri, and others ...
Tetsuzan Kuroda started his martial art training at a very young age, learning from both his father and his grandfather. Kuroda learned and contintues to teach the following arts from his Shinbukan dojo in Saitama, Japan:
  • Komagawa Kaishin-ryu Kenjutsu
  • Tamiya-ryu Iaijutsu
  • Shishin Takuma-ryu Jujutsu
  • Tsubaki Kotengu-ryu Bojutsu

Language: Japanese

Run time: 46 min.