Taiji-Quan DVD 1 by Thierry Alibert

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The Original Taiji and the fighting Techniques.

By Thierry Alibert

Shown with different angles, Thierry Alibert's program shows you the martial side of Taiji Quan from modern school Yang Chen Fu.
The first part is called "The Earth".
See realistic situations that underline "Fa-Jing", the explosive force of Taiji.
Precise commentaries will make you understand the subtlety of this art, that can be used in self-defense or in fighting.

This DVD presents the study of an advanced variation of the 8 treasures, external Weidang Qi-Gong exercises or hard Qi-Gong.
This sequence was elaborated by a Chinese Marshal, a few centuries ago, to reinforce the vital energy of his troops.

Thierry Alibert:
Expert in Taiji Quan, he is also the technical director of the union A.R.T. Taiji-Quan International.
Professional in martial arts, he was a member of the Karate french national fighting team in the 80's and he now teaches American boxing (3rd level).
He won most of the international Traditional Taiji Quan Tournaments (empty hands, weapons and fight), especially the European Championships of 2000 and 2002.
He's a Yang Sword expert, he was ranked 4th in a World Tournament in China and he organizes national and international training courses, very popular among many practitioners.

Union A.R.T. Taiji is a very serious school that will offer all the aspects of this art, from the most original to the most modern, and with of course Sanshou.
The film also presents the old and explosive combat of Taiji from the founder of the Yang school, the famous Yang Lu Chan, known as "Yang the invincibie".

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Running Time: 100 Minutes

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