Systema: Multiple Attackers & Crowd DVD

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by Vladimir Vasiliev

Surrounded. Confronted with multiple attackers. Be prepared.
  • Four-opponent warm up, stretch, body control and redirection
  • Find psychological restrictions in yourself and your partners
  • Escape from the holds of 4 attackers standing and on the ground
  • Use of one opponent to escape and control others
  • Push and strike against attackers on the move
  • Work unarmed against 2 knife-wielding attackers
  • Face the challenge of knife attacks when every person in the crowd is armed

Enjoy the demos, study the drills, capture the knowledge and learn to prevail.

44 min.

by Konstantin Komarov

Two dangers are intrinsic to a crowd:
  • Destructive physical impact
  • Brute psychological pressure
Major Komarov, a talented commander, experienced bodyguard, and PhD in combat psychology, leads a large and diverse crowd through unique drills in the field.
He uncovers the challenges of fear, speed, primitive instincts, awareness, and self-control.
Konstantin presents ways to gain agility and stability under pressure, the do’s and don’ts to avoid injury and to survive inside an active and aggressive crowd.

47 min.

2 films in 1 DVD!
Total running time 1 hour 31 min