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Sutogure Spirit DVD with Kenji Midori 1


Sutogure Spirit DVD with Kenji Midori 1

Sutogure Spirit DVD with Kenji Midori


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The real thrill of Karate is the small overcoming the big.Kenji Midori has realised this aspect.
He became a Karate World Champion and has trained many champions as a president of Shinkyokushinkai.
If you make 2 or 3 times as much effort as others, it will come back to you.Imposing unforgiving training on himself, developing extraordinary speed and magnificent techniques,
and overcoming bodily handicap - Kenji Midori. How did he become a Karate World Champion?
How has he trained many champions? How are his special techniques and philosophy?
He shows the Sutogure Spirit, an indomitable spirit, to overcome various obstacles to students.

・ Road to World Champion
Japan National Team Training Camp in Yamanashi/Fukuoka Summer Training Camp/Fukuoka Honbu Dojo/Amami Oshima Setouchi Dojo/The 5th World Championship
・ Midori's Champion Techniques
Calisthenics/ Kamae/Tsuki/Oshi Uke/Harai Uke/Shita Tsuki/Defense against the Shita Tsuki/Kagi Uchi/Defense against the Kagi Uchi/Uke Training/Gedan Mawashigeri/Defense against the Gedan Mawashigeri/Chudan Mawashigeri/Defense against the Chudan Mawashigeri/Jodan Mawashigeri/Defense against the Jodan Mawashigeri/Maegeri/Defense against the Maegeri/Ax Kick (Kakato Otoshi)/Defense against the Ax Kick/Ushirogeri/Defense against the Ushirogeri/Ushiro Mawashigeri
/Defense against the Ushiro Mawashigeri/Chdan Hizageri/Defense against the Chudan Hizageri/ Jodan Hizageri/Defense against the Jodan Hizageri/Uchi Mawashigeri/Defense against the Uchi Mawashigeri/Front Leg Kick Variation/Maegeri Combination/Counter Left High Kick/Stepping aside followed by Left Mawashigeri/Stepping aside followed by Right Mawashigeri/Dodging the opponent's Ushiro Mawashigeri followed by Right Mawashigeri/ Left Uchi Mawashigeri/Fake Ax Kick followed by Left Mawashigeri/Ushiro Mawashigeri Variation


Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 157 min.

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