Surf Passing DVD by Eduardo Telles

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The master of esquijitsu (‘weird’ jiu-jitsu) Eduardo Telles is back with a hot new instructional set on how to pass the guard like a champ, using his patented surfing system.

Eduardo has one of the most unique games we’ve ever seen at a high level, and he approaches every position a little differently than anyone else. This exciting and playful style has left a lot of opponents frustrated, and it’s also turned him into one of the best coaches in the world, having trained champion after champion after champion. Whenever you have a chance to see a technical wizard work, it’s worth it and this new series is no exception!

This passing series isn’t the traditional passing seminar you might pick up. You’re going to be exploring and learning with Eduardo as he shows you a whole new way to pass. Instead of pinning your opponent and using force against force to smash through the guard, or some fancy detail to slide through inch by inch, you are going to be passing by surfing the guard, staying active and mobile and loose from top so you can take advantage of the simple ways to use leverage and begin your passing. Once you have it down, every guard problem you face turns into another chance for you to surf and control. You never thought passing could be this effortless, but with the knowledge Eduardo shares and a hang loose mentality, be ready to see the light!

Surfing and BJJ have always held a strong connection to many of our athletes. It’s common to see a grappler grab a surfboard and catch some waves between workouts, letting the sea and sun relax them. BJJ selfies are littered with the shaka sign. From the outside, it can look like some gentle fun out on the sea, but really there is more happening, one sport is feeding another. Just like how you have to navigate a dangerous ocean with your body, you also must navigate a dangerous mat with your body, and trying to fight nonstop will burn you out fast. Instead, you learn when to fight and when to relax, and how to appreciate and enjoy the experience. Take this skill and expand your BJJ horizons today!