Super Grappling Techniques DVD by Shinya Aoki

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BJJ stylist and MMA fighter out of Paraestra Tokyo shares his unique style of grappling in this grappling bible! Aoki has competed in Shooto, Deep, and BJJ events including ADCC, the Pan Ams, and various other Judo and BJJ competitions. A master of submissions, Aoki is one of the only guys to have ever submitted an opponent with a standing armbar in an MMA event.

Aoki instructs both gi and no gi techniques in this DVD.

Chapters include:
1: Armbars from the guard & flying armbars (juji gatame)
2: Standing armbars (waki gatame)
3: Wrist locks
4: Flying armbar feint to takedown
5: Takedowns
6: Spinning choke (darce/brabo choke)
7: Twister and twister variations
8: Special interview

Language: Japanese 
Run time: 106 min.

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