Submissions and Pins from Carnival Style Catch Wrestling DVD with Dick Cardinal

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Watch and learn authentic Carnie-style Catch-As-Catch as amateur wrestling champion and legendary carnival wrestler Dick Cardinal demonstrates time-tested and "unorthodox" submissions and pins from the only two wrestling clinics he has ever given.

You won't find this footage anywhere else, footage that is essential to the serious MMA and submission grappler, as well as an important document of an American combat art that almost died...

Techniques Covered Include
- Neck Cranks
- Face Locks
- Wrist Locks
- The "True" Key Lock (please note, this is completely DIFFERENT than the top-wrist lock or "Americana" you may be familiar with)
- The Hammerlock
- The West Point Ride
- The Stockade
- The Wrestler's Guillotine
...and much more!

(Please note, this DVD covers two clinics. The first is Dick's portion of The 2006 Submission Master Clinic with Yoshiaki Fujiwara. The second has never been seen before and was held at the Burnaby Catch Wrestling club in Canada).

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