The Legend - Strongest Karate in Japan DVD

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Classic black and white karate instruction from 30+ years ago! Masatoshi Nakayama teaches kumite techniques in this vintage film. Also includes coverage of the 1st World Karate Championship held at the Tokyo Budokan.
  1. The technical supervision: M. Nakayama
  2. Approach Waza: H. Shoji
  3. Kuzushi Waza: K. Enoeda
  4. Nochi no Sen: N. Iida
  5. Sen: T. Oishi
  6. Keri Waza: M. Ueki
  7. Uchi Waza: K. Abe
  8. Deai Tsuki Waza: Y. Osaka
  9. Variation Waza: M. Yahara
  10. Deai Keri Waza: M. Kawazoe
  11. Kizami Keri Waza: M. Tanaka
  12. Tenshin: T. Asai

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 30 min.